Giving your time is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. It shows your child you’re interested and that you care. There are plenty of opportunities for working parents too – many things can be done at home. And we’re not limited to just parents…some of our most dedicated volunteers are our grandparents! Thank you for taking your time to make a difference in the lives of our children!

How Do I Become a Volunteer? It’s as Easy as 1-2-3!

1.    The first thing you must do is submit your Volunteer Background Check.  The background check is required to be completed EVERY year.  When your application is approved, the GCISD Administration will notify the CES office.  Once your Volunteer Background Check is completed and you have completed the Volunteer Orientation with Mrs. Shimmick, you will be entered in the volunteer database at the school. 

2.     Mandatory Volunteer Orientation: If you are new to the school OR you did not attend a Volunteer Orientation last year at Colleyville Elementary, you will need to attend a Volunteer Orientation session. Volunteers must also sign a “Volunteers Agreement” which will be given to you at Orientation.  

**Volunteer Orientation is required every 3 years.**

Volunteer Orientations 2015-2016

**held in the library**

Friday, September 18 8:00am
Thursday, September 24 6:00pm

3.     Log your hours.  If you are volunteering at school, log in on the office computer and indicate how you are spending your volunteer time on campus.  When you are done, please remember to log out of the volunteer computer system.  If you do not log out by the end of the day, your volunteer hours will not be recorded.   You should also record any hours you spend volunteering for CES off-campus.  You can manually enter your off-campus hours in the volunteer computer system at school -- or you can email your hours to the Volunteer Coordinator, Tiffany Lasher and submit your off-campus CES volunteer hours here.

Last year CES volunteers logged over 4,000 hours!

4.  Volunteer of the Month-  Volunteer recognition is very important to us.  We recognize a volunteer each month.  Everyone that enters their volunteer hours will be put into a drawing.  Each month a name will be drawn.  Our volunteer of the month will be spotlighted on the school marquee, during the announcements and more.  So turn in your hours!

Questions about volunteering? Please contact Charlotte Barborka (charlotte_barborka@yahoo.com).