●  Complete a volunteer background check and GCISD volunteer training each year. Volunteer training consists of reading this handbook and watching the elementary or secondary volunteer video.
●  Sign ­in at the computer located in the main office using Raptor.
●  Maintain confidentiality regarding all student records and behaviors.
●  Be flexible and enthusiastic.
●  Volunteers must have permission from campus administration to use the copy machine.
●  Students are never to be taken off the school premises.
●  Appropriate language and attire must be adhered to during the volunteer time.
●  When necessary, hold conversations with teachers in private.
●  Notify the school if you are unable to come during your scheduled volunteer time.
●  Please check the campus guidelines regarding pre­school aged children while volunteering.
●  Pre­school aged children and other siblings are not allowed on any school field trip.
●  Understand and respect individual school practices and procedures.

●  Student discipline is the responsibility of school personnel only. Notify the
teacher or administrator of any behavioral concerns.
●  Participate in all safety drills that occur while on campus. 

BEcome A VOlunteer


Giving your time is one of the most important things you can do as a parent.  It shows your child you’re interested and that you care.  It supports faculty and staff in the development of our children.  In addition, Volunteering at CES enhances our children’s experiences and makes additional programming possible.  There are plenty of opportunities for all parents both in and out of the classroom…some of our most dedicated volunteers are our grandparents!  Thank you for taking your time to make a difference in the lives of our children!

To see what volunteer opportunities are available, log in to your My School Anywhere account and click on the "Sign Up" tab on the top of the home page.

Becoming a CES Volunteer:

This year we are excited to have a new volunteer training and orientation process designed by GCISD for becoming a CES Volunteer.  This training and orientation includes on-line tools and resources and must be completed by each individual wanting to volunteer on our campus.  It only takes 10-20 minutes to complete.

To become an approved volunteer, please follow the link below to the GCISD Volunteer Handbook.
1.  Read the 2018-2019 GCISD Volunteer Handbook 

2.  Complete the Volunteer Background Check form

3.  View the elementary school (Pre-K-5) video.

4.  Electronically sign the Volunteer Verification form by accessing the Google form for Colleyville Elementary and answering 5 questions.

Once these steps have been completed and you have successfully completed the volunteer background check, you will be added to the list of CES approved volunteers.   Please remember that GCISD will not notify you of your volunteer status.  Check with the CES front office for this information before you volunteer.

Log Your Volunteer Hours:

The CES PTA captures your volunteer hours, demonstrating the importance and high level of parental involvement.   Every year the PTA council reports to the district the value in dollars and personnel that equal our parent volunteer hours, and these hours are used in grant applications for our schools.  

If you volunteer at CES (on-campus), the CES front office staff will log you into and out of the Raptor system upon your arrival and departure from the school.  The Raptor system captures these on-campus hours.  If you volunteer off-campus, record your volunteer hours in one of three ways:

1. Record hours on the volunteer hours log on in the front office.

2. Log hours directly by filling out this form.

3. E-mail your hours to the Volunteer Coordinator, Leslie Sailer.
Remember that off-campus hours can include CES event/class party preparation time, room parent responsibilities, and chaperoning field trips, among many other things.

Volunteer Recognition:

Volunteer recognition is very important to us.  We recognize volunteers for their time and dedication to the students, faculty, and staff of CES in our PTA newsletter.  Please let us know if you know of any volunteers who deserve special recognition!